Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcome to Believing Thomas

My family.
Thanks for checking out my blog on Christ and culture.

"Doubting" Thomas gets a bad rap.  After all, he was apparently the only disciple brave enough to leave the locked room and fetch supplies for the others.

Besides, his is a story of coming to belief.  Christ does not leave Thomas with his doubts...

  1. Thomas was a friend of Christ: His life was marked deeply by Jesus.
  2. Thomas was a man of his culture: He had believed death to be the final mark of their friendship.
  3. Thomas traced the marks of Christ and culture: Tracing the marks in Christ's hands and side, Thomas came to believe that "my Lord and my God" had brought together death & the divine.

Our culture of beauty & brokenness, love & loneliness, devotion & doubt has been marked by the cross of Christ forever.

This blog is a fragile attempt to trace the cries of culture as clues of Christ's ongoing activity in our world.

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